Self-Managed Super Funds

The Decision Making Process

Comparing SMSF and other super funds



Other Super Funds

Managing The Fund

Trustees personally take on the responsibility and make all the decisions. If anything goes wrong, trustees are responsible and liable for all penalties.

A professional manager takes the responsibility which results in a loss of control over administration and management decisions.


The fees depend on the external services chosen and how much trustees choose to do themselves. It can also depend on the frequency and cost of investment trades as well as the fund’s asset allocation.

There is generally a fixed level of base fees (e.g. accounting, audit and regulatory fees). These costs generally diminish on a percentage basis as the balance grows.

Fees are generally charged as a percentage of contributions and the ongoing balance. These funds tend to become more expensive (in dollar terms) as the balances grow.

The fees can vary depending on how the particular fund invests, for example via managed funds or investing directly into investments.