A ripple can become a big wave over time

Written and accurate as at: 10 March 2011

This analogy applies to much more than waves in the ocean. It applies to physical health where a little bit of exercise regularly makes a big difference over time, and it applies to money, where a little bit of thought and discipline each day can make a massive difference over time.

Sure it is great to get that financial windfall so you can pay a chunk off your mortgage, but for most of us, it is what we do week to week, month to month, that will make the biggest difference. Keeping our spending in check, not necessarily by extremely strict budgeting, but being aware of where your money is going is a great start. If you don’t know where your money goes, completing a budget plan, assessing your income and expenditure, is likely to be a worthwhile investment of your time. Further regularly knocking down expensive personal debts can be rewarding, as is adding to your asset base whether through property, shares, superannuation or otherwise.

Apparently, this surfer did live to tell his story. Nonetheless, hope he has a good personal insurance policy and has his Will in order!