Reaching Big Milestones

This is such an exciting time. You could be getting married, starting a family or buying a property. It’s around this stage of the overall journey that we find ourselves involved in making some big decisions and taking on new responsibilities.

Hopefully you’re now even further established in your career, probably have some debt but ideally you also have some savings and investments. This is a pivotal time to make sure your finances are on track and hopefully any debt you have should be manageable and working for you – such as property.

Ideally you’ve been adhering to the ‘good money habits’ that you established years earlier and your savings and investments have started to show signs of growth. It’s also important at this stage that you’re protected in the case of accident or illness.

Following this journey will help make your financial position more robust and throw some light on areas where you can still make improvements. You have built the foundations to get this far and now it’s so important that you continue to grow and protect what wealth you have.

Have you considered?

  • How well you are managing your finances?
  • How you’re progressing towards a big goal such as buying a house?
  • Have you protected yourself, partner & children for accidents and illness?

Action Plan

Remember just take it one step at a time and we’re always here to help if you need a hand.
As you move through the journey Action Plan you can track your progress on your personal dashboard and tick off your achievements along the way.

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