Personal Tax

For individual Tax Returns we offer either a face to face appointment or a phone consult. Our widely used and popular phone consults allow you the convenience of doing your tax return while you are at work or after hours and usually takes 15-20 minutes.

With constant changes to tax laws and changes in your own life, working out what you can and can’t claim in your tax return every year can be a nightmare. We can take the worry out of it for you and guide you through this minefield to ensure that you avoid making errors and face the unwanted scrutiny of the ATO. We have extensive tax experience within various industries with a specialty in Travel. We make sure you are claiming all of the allowable deductions to ensure the best outcome each time for you.

We offer a wide range of services to Individuals:

  • Individual tax returns including rental property and capital gains events
  • Sole traders
  • Multiple year Tax Returns
  • Amendments to prior year Tax Returns

Sole Traders

If you are running a business with the intention of generating a profit then you will need to have an ABN. You may also be required to register for GST if your turnover is greater than $75,000 or if your turnover is less than this you can choose to voluntarily register for it. Your business income will be treated as your Individual income and included on your tax return and you will then be taxed at your marginal tax rate.

You will be responsible for paying the tax on your business income and it is highly recommended that you make provision for this throughout the year to avoid a hefty tax bill at the end of the year.

You need to keep a copy of all invoices you issue and business expenses incurred so that they can be declared and claimed in your tax return.

You may be required to lodge a BAS (Business Activity Statement) if you are registered for GST. Your BAS will include income and expenses and needs to be lodged with the ATO on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Even if you have no income or expenses for a period you still need to lodge your BAS statement.

You may be issued with an IAS (Instalment Activity Statement) which requires you to make tax payments monthly, quarterly or annually to the ATO. This prevents you having a big tax bill at the end of the year and struggling to repay the debt.

Our Tax Team experts are here to guide you through the sometimes confusing world of the Sole Trader.

Exclusive to Flight Centre Staff

We know everything from BOS to Buzz nights, Flight Centre Share Schemes and what travel or other work related expenses can be claimed! Flight Centre employees can choose to pay our tax fee via Salary Sacrifice or with Perks. We are also able to help family and friends with their tax returns, no matter what industry they work in.