About Money Personality

Written and accurate as at: 30 June 2010

Here is an amazing statistic – “70% of people experience conflict around money”.

You may think this statistic is far from surprising. What makes this statistic amazing is that most of us are on the same page about WHAT we are attempting to achieve…

– Couples are typically looking to achieve a sense of security and confidence about their personal finances.

– Parents are interested in helping their children be well educated and make wise decisions with their money.

– Business partners are attempting to achieve what they think will bring growth and stability to their businesses.

– Employers are wanting to engage their employees and increase their pay satisfaction.

So if we typically want to achieve the same or similar things, why do we experience conflict?

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung held the view that conflict is seldom based on what we are trying to achieve, but is an outcome of disagreement on what is the best way to achieve what it is that we want.

Interestingly, when it comes to money there are so many ways to provide financial security and stability for oneself and others. There are so many ways to build a rewarding and enriching career or business, and there are so many ways that our children can carve out a financially and emotionally rewarding life.

Take a moment to think about this concept and you will discover that our money personalities underlie virtually all decisions we make regarding money, career, business and investment, and perhaps more importantly, how we feel about it.

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