Aged care: Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Written and accurate as at: 12 June 2020

In 2018-19, >1.2M Australians received home support, home care, or residential care by an aged care service provider*:

  • Home support: 830,319 Australians, of which 51.9% were aged 80+ years.
  • Home care: 133,395 Australians, of which 66.1% were aged 80+ years.
  • Residential care: 242,612 Australians, of which 77.4% were aged 80+ years.

When it comes to our retirement, it’s important to consider the chapters we will progress through, and plan accordingly in terms of our time, work, finances, housing and care needs. From a care needs perspective, a time may come when we need help looking after ourselves. This help may come from our family and friends, and/or an aged care service provider.

In this animation, we illustrate an entry-level aged care program, the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)—aimed at helping us to continue to live independently in our home for as long as possible.

*Australian Government, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. GEN Aged Care Data: People using aged care 2018-19.