Is it your animal that is making it hard to meet your goals?

Written and accurate as at: 13 February 2015

When thinking about setting goals it’s important that you consider your money personality which outlines the preferences which are likely to strongly influence your behaviour with money and within relationships that deal with money. Your money personality can also influence what you feel strongly about, and accordingly what you believe you need and want in regards to financial matters and beyond.

Setting a new goal that doesn’t suit you may prove to be both difficult to commit to and be the source of much frustration. But by setting goals that match your style and your preferences, not only are you more likely to achieve them, but you’re also likely to hold greater satisfaction when you do.

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While there are common goal setting techniques that can benefit everyone, goal setting does tend to work a little differently for each money personality type.

Goal Setting for Labradors

The goal setting preference for Labrador is to use short-term measurable goals.

A Labrador personality will want to work steadily and surely toward the achievement of what are typically traditional goals, such as paying down the mortgage, building a property portfolio or salary sacrificing extra to superannuation.

Longer term goals are likely to be a logical extension of short term goals, using spread sheets to continue a trend to say five years. The focus of such goals is likely to continue to provide stability, certainty and security.

When setting goals in this way Labradors may hold themselves back from being open to new opportunities, and therefore may benefit from remaining open to encouragement from others to make goals more ambitious.

Goal Setting for Dolphins

The goal setting preference for a Dolphin is to use multiple long-term goals, backed by purpose.

A Dolphin personality will have goals that can be particularly broad and big picture, which can certainly encourage excitement, but may lack the practical short-term objectives needed to bring a goal to reality.

It can therefore be useful to stop on a regular basis to assess day to day activities to ensure it continues to be aligned with the achievement of longer term ambitions. It’s important to align longer term ambitions with those things of value, which often relate to harmony, family, people, self-awareness and personal growth.

Goal Setting for Owls

The goal setting preference for an Owl is multiple long-term goals, backed by logic and reason.

An Owl personality can dream the big dream and develop lofty and ambitious goals, but can sometimes find it hard to balance between thinking big and getting on with it. It’s important Owl types don’t spend excessive time forecasting what the revenue and income could be, and get on with the practicalities of doing what needs to be done day to day to ensure future success.

Goal Setting For Monkeys

Monkey types tend to prefer short-term, activity oriented goals.

A Monkey personality will want to act quickly on any goals decided upon, however, such early exuberance may wane as the reality and practicality of work required to achieve the goal is realised.

Creating priorities will help refine focus to what really wants to be achieved.