Mum’s life

Written and accurate as at: 10 October 2010

It seems that there is no stopping the increasing speed of life. Often Mum’s feel the brunt of this increasing speed the most.

How can we be moving faster and faster, yet still feel like there is not enough time? Is it because there is more to do, or just that our priorities have been knocked around?

Putting a priority order on the things to do, and when to do them, can alleviate the sense of being overwhelmed with “too much to do”. And be realistic when setting your expectations!

One thing that seems to be down the priority list for many family’s is taking care of the personal finances.

For new Mum’s, make the time to review your insurances and Wills, as not doing so can have a direct, and in some cases, significant impact on your family’s well-being in the case of injury or accident.

It may be difficult to sit down and review where you are up to financially, however, by finding the discipline you can save much heart-ache in the future.