Notice: Scammers targeting bushfire relief

Written and accurate as at: 13 February 2020

Australia is currently experiencing devastating and widespread bushfires right across the country. The impact of this bushfire season is extensive – loss of lives, livelihoods, possessions, wildlife, habitats and ecosystems

The international and domestic support for those impacted by these bushfires is overwhelming. However, as is often the case with natural disasters, scammers try to take advantage of those wanting to donate and help.

In a recent interview with Sky News, the ACCC Chairman Rod Simms said, “Whenever we have these disasters we do get scammers that are attracted to the fact that people do want to donate and help.” In addition to this, he talks about steps people can take to safeguard themselves against charity scams.

According to Scamwatch, in 2019, $406,588 was lost by Australians to charity scams via a variety of delivery methods: phone, email, social networking, in person, internet, text message, mobile application and mail.