Personal insurance for families

Written and accurate as at: 10 November 2016

Many families have personal insurances in place for the household’s main or sole income earner, but what about the non-working spouse?

According to’s 16th Annual Mum Salary Survey, which surveyed 15,000 mums, a stay-at-home-spouse is worth $143,102 per annum (inclusive of a $48,509 base salary calculated at 40 hours per week plus an extra $94,593 due to 52 hours of overtime).

The lists of jobs that were recognized in the survey illustrate the versatility of the non-working spouse – traversing diverse vocations ranging from taxi driver, photographer, event planner, academic adviser, nurse, laundry manager, day care centre teacher, psychologist, executive chef, housekeeper and recreational therapist (just to name a few)! 

Irrespective of the dynamics of your family unit (e.g. stay-at-home-mum/dad or domestic role sharing), this animation looks at why insuring both heads of the household may be an important consideration in developing your personal insurance plan.