President-elect Trump: What should you do?

Written and accurate as at: 10 December 2016

To the surprise of many across the globe, on 8 November 2016, Donald Trump won the U.S. election against his major political adversary, Hillary Clinton.

This short video by the respected research house, Morningstar Investment Management, provides information on President-elect Donald Trump’s initial impact on the economic market as well as potential short, medium, and long-term considerations for investors.

Although, this video is now dated and markets around the globe have been adjusting to the news over the last month – it is still important to remember the basics of investing, especially during volatile times in the market:

  • Keep a long-term investment perspective, and focus on your long-term financial goals and objectives; and,
  • Don’t get caught up on the herd mentality of buying/selling and trying to ‘time’ the market.