Teamwork, leverage and achieving a common goal

Written and accurate as at: 10 October 2017

At some stage in your life, you may have heard the phrase, ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. This refers to an individual that is competent in many areas, but not an expert in any particular one. Although it’s important to continually improve upon your existing knowledge and skillset, it’s equally important to recognise where your limitations lie and the subsequent circumstances where the benefits of teamwork may be appropriate in achieving your goals and objectives.

One of the greatest benefits of teamwork is the power of leverage. This refers to the advantage you gain by having more than just you working towards a desired outcome. By building and leveraging of a professional advice team in the areas of cashflow, debt management, investments, superannuation, insurance planning, taxation and estate planning you can achieve goals and objectives that ordinarily you may not have been able to do by yourself.