The big benefit of small advantages

Written and accurate as at: 10 October 2011

One of the main contributors towards your financial success and wellbeing is the habits and behaviour you have developed around money.

Similarly, some are so focused on saving every cent that they forego adequate and appropriate insurance, or go years without putting a Will in place, even where there are young children dependent on the health and survival of Mum and Dad.

On the flipside, there are many who struggle from payday to payday, unaware of the money that could be slipping through the fingers. If this is you, take five minutes to complete a budget plan, assessing your cash inflows and outflows. You may not stick to it, but it will get you thinking a bit differently.

In saying that, times can be financially tough throughout different stages of life, and it’s in these difficult times that we discover whether the habits we have developed are strong or weak ones. If there is something that you would like to change, but have been putting off, let this video about tying shoelaces be your encouragement to make little changes.