Try something new for 30 days

Written and accurate as at: 10 September 2011

Here are some things you could try out over the next 30 days which can be good for your wallet and good for your health.

1. Replace a cup of coffee or softdrink with a glass of water

2. Walk or ride to work instead of driving

3. Go to the park or beach for a walk or run instead of hitting the gym

4. Sell something on ebay or in a traders magazine

5. Swap one sugary treat at the supermarket for a piece of fruit

6. Stick a coin in a piggy bank once a day

7. Use Skype to chat instead of your telephone

If none of these do it for you, why not set yourself a 30 day challenge. You may just surprise yourself with what you can achieve. In saying that, there is a lot to be said for small steps, as explained in this article