Your personal finance skills: Practice makes…

Written and accurate as at: 12 July 2019

Learning a new skill (and improving upon an old one) can be hard: it takes time and, above all, practice. With this in mind, the ‘four stages of competence’ learning model is often used to describe the psychological states that an individual progresses through in the process of learning a new skill:

  1. unconscious incompetence (you are unaware of the skill and your lack of proficiency),
  2. conscious incompetence (you are aware of the skill, but not yet proficient),
  3. conscious competence (you are able to use the skill, but only with effort),
  4. unconscious competence (performing the skill becomes automatic).

This Dude Perfect video highlights that anything is possible…with practice. As such, consider areas of your personal finance where you would like to learn more about (or improve upon), e.g. budgeting, tracking your spending, paying down debt, or saving and investing for the future.