Your Journey

Just as we’re all individuals and experience life differently – our financial journeys and circumstances will also be equally as unique. Life, by its very nature, is fluid. Something that may have been a big focus for you a few years ago may no longer be a priority. Your attentions and passions shift and you may find yourself on a different path. The financial journeys you take in your life will be no different.

As you embark on the journeys we’ve prepared for you, you need to remember that your journey is exclusively about you. You shouldn’t blindly follow your friends or family or another colleague – these should be your personal journeys with your own goals, dreams and life circumstances attached.

We’ve carefully tailored our journeys to reflect a number of ‘life stage pathways’ that you could currently be on. However you may find that in following a journey, only part of it applies to you right now – and you come back to complete the other stages later. You may even find that you end up following a few journeys simultaneously. It’s totally up to you how you do these. What’s most important is that you fit the journeys to your current lifestyle and situation.

The most important stage of each of our financial journeys is actually starting. Working your way through the action plans will ensure you progress along your journey, learning every step of the way and strengthening your financial position.

So let’s get started on your first journey today. You can monitor your progress through your dashboard on your profile and remember we’re always here to help you whenever you need a hand.

Which journey will you choose – where will your journey lead you?
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