Advanced care directives

Written and accurate as at: 7 March 2018

It’s predicted that we will see a large increase in the number of people with either dementia or another form of cognitive disability in the next decade. The resulting effect of this will be a greater number of people that lose decision-making capacity regarding their own medical treatment.

In our animation, we discuss the benefits of an advanced care directive (ACD) and a few considerations when drafting one (e.g. specificity, competence, currency and witnessing). Briefly, an ACD is a document that describes your future preferences for medical treatment in anticipation of a time when you are unable to express them due to an accident, sudden illness or progressive disease. For retirees (especially those in aged care), an ACD may be of particular relevance; however, wealth accumulators may also want to take note, as an unexpected event leaving you without your decision-making capacity could occur at any point.

Please note: This animation is a general overview. The rules surrounding ACD’s may vary depending on your relevant state or territory.