Google: Year in search 2017

Written and accurate as at: 10 January 2018

How we measure, perceive and interact with the passage of time can be important. It enables us to engage and plan ahead, as well as track progress towards achieving goals and objectives.

There is a lot that can be achieved in one year, but for this to be done, it’s important to work with a measure that helps you to better perceive and interact with the passage of time. For example, consider breaking one year down into alternative numbers: 365 days; 52 weeks; 26 fortnights; and, 12 months. Now consider how you can positively affect areas of your personal finances (e.g. debt managementcashflow and compoundingsuperannuation and investments) over the coming days, weeks, fortnights, and months.

In this video, we look back at some of the most influential moments that occurred around the world over the last year. Each moment, combined together, serves to give us an overall picture of the year that was and perhaps gain an insight into what the year/s ahead will hold.