Life insurance

Written and accurate as at: 13 August 2018

Take a moment to consider, if you were to pass away unexpectedly, would you be leaving behind loved ones that depend on you financially? Do you have an appropriate protection plan in place to help your loved ones meet their present and future financial needs in your absence? Has a life event occurred recently that may necessitate a review of your existing protection plan to make sure that it remains relevant to your personal situation?

In this animation, we highlight the important place that Life insurance can hold in an overall personal insurance plan. For example, helping to lessen the financial impact on your loved ones in your absence; however, it can also be used in other settings, such as business succession planning.

On a final note, irrespective of the dynamics of your family unit (e.g. stay-at-home-mum/dad or domestic role sharing), insuring both heads of the household (i.e. not just the main or sole income-earner) may also be an important consideration. Learn more here.