The future of work: The digital workplace

Written and accurate as at: 11 February 2021

For many businesses and their employees, the 2020 calendar year and the policies implemented to combat the COVID-19 pandemic saw the need for a sudden and dramatic workplace shift.

The physical workplace became almost exclusively a digital workplace as businesses shifted as much of their operations online as possible, and set about having some or all of their employees working remotely.

For those businesses that had the capacity to do so, and had a digital workplace framework and strategy (use, technology, control and business drivers) in place, this shift may have been difficult, but manageable.

As we enter the 2021 calendar and look towards the future of work, many businesses are considering their physical workplaces (which for many remain below their originally intended capacity).

Importantly, the actions taken moving forward by businesses have the potential to shape the future of work, and affect many other aspects of our lives, now and into the future.

Bloomberg’s video explores this further through several insightful discussions with a range of industry leaders.