And the Winners are…

it's a wrap!
# Individual Portfolio
1 biancab - INT - Winner $58,663.54
2 TG007 - NSW $58,545.34
3 Dotti Buffet - QLD $57,513.02
4 Ramsay - SA $56,734.15
5 SkyeSchafer - NSW $56,363.56
# League Portfolio
1 Queen St Hyper - Winner $51,676.04
2 AKL AM Dream Team $51,619.44
3 Stage Market Movers $51,589.54
4 Wolf Pack $51,459.91
5 Woo Farm New Farm $51,406.73
Most Improved Player • AUS - W/E 2 June
Congratulations Kirralie Shuttleworth!
You have won a $200 Grocery Voucher!
Most Improved Player • NZ - W/E 2 June
Congratulations David Bieleski!
You have won a $200 Grocery Voucher!
Most Improved Player • AUS - W/E 9 June
Congratulations Chris Scott!
You have won a $200 Grocery Voucher!
Most Improved Player • NZ - W/E 9 June
Congratulations Alan Todd!
You have won a $200 Grocery Voucher!
WINNER – Best Individual
Bianca Barton

Congratulations Bianca Barton.

You are the WINNER of the MWG Share Market Challenge in the Individual category. You have won a $10,000 travel voucher which we would like to present to you when you are back from your holiday!


As a first time “investor” I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this competition, I never thought I’d do very well but thought if I don’t try I’ll never know! All the tutorials were good to read in my free time to get my head around more of the concept of “buy low – sell high” which is literally all I knew and all I did.


I went through the company list and looked at a few that caught my eye just to get my foot in the door, and some of them did me well as I was climbing the ranks. I started to get more excited about it and that’s when I really started investing a little bit more time and went through every company on the list and had a few good possible options to go for and once I found a good simple easy to read ASX tip sheet that confirmed which option looked like a goodie, I stuck with it! And then I didn’t touch it but came back to watch everyday – even while overseas!


I now see it’s a super easy way to invest money and make money – it doesn’t take much time at all! It’s definitely something I’ll be getting into once I actually have some money to invest 😉


My main tip for everyone though is to just seize the moment and every opportunity you get! If you don’t try, you’ll never know!


Thank you all a million for this opportunity! It will really be life changing!!!


WINNER – Best Team
Queen Street Hyper Store, Brisbane, QLD

Congratulations Queen St Hyper.

You are the WINNER’S of the MWG ShareMarket Challenge in the League category.


Your team have won a $2,000 travel voucher which was presented to Laura McGregor and Adrienne Leese on Wednesday at Southpoint.


Team Quote:

We had a lot of fun doing the challenge. In fact, some of us became a little obsessed! It was a good little intro to the share market – most of us will definitely be keeping our eyes on the finance news and we’ve even started talking about investing our own money. Hopefully we invest as wisely, with our real money, as we did in the challenge.

Overall this was a fairly positive market as is reflected in the statistics below.

The All Ordinaries was down -3.29% over the Challenge period

  • The top sectors were industrials up 9.8% followed by IT and health care both up over 3.3%
  • The worst performing sectors were financials down -8.76% and telecommunications down -7.4%
  • The top stocks were ORE – Orocobre Limited up 38.2% followed by BAL – Bellamy’s  and QAN – Qantas both up over 36%
  • Worst performing stocks were QIN – Quintis down -72.7% followed by TRS – The Reject Shop down -57.3%
  • The average portfolio value was $49,567 and the number of players in profit –  41%

Whether you were an experienced trader or a novice in the Moneywise Global Sharemarket Challenge we hope you learned a little about Trading on the ASX and that it was as much fun for you as it was for us!

Hopefully, you tried new investment strategies, learnt about different types of asset classes and expanded some of your financial knowledge along the way.

Trading in shares is a great way to create an additional source of income as you take another step on the road to financial security and independence.

Don’t forget Moneywise is always here to help you work towards securing your financial future.

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