Your money personality preferences

Written and accurate as at: 13 February 2019

Recognising and addressing differences you may have regarding your money personalities (your natural personality preferences for dealing with money) can be beneficial for managing your personal finances as a couple:

  • What you look for/like. Owl, competence/reason; Dolphin, meaning/purpose; Labrador, belonging/dependability; Monkey, freedom/action.
  • Language. Owl, visionary/rational; Dolphin, visionary/diplomatic; Labrador, logistical/organised; Monkey, tactical/impactful.
  • Time management. Owl/Dolphin, flexible or scheduled; Labrador, scheduled; Monkey, flexible.
  • Decision making. Owl, logic focus; Dolphin, people focus. Labrador/Monkey, logic or people focus.
  • Information collecting. Owl/Dolphin, observe patterns to get possibilities; Labrador/Monkey, observe facts/details.
  • Wealth creation style. Owl, inventive/strategic; Dolphin, inspiring/harmonising; Labrador, structured/accumulative; Monkey, opportunistic/dynamic.