Your Money Personality

The four money personalities


The Humanities

People with Dolphin preferences tend to desire meaning, harmony, purpose and connectedness, both at home and in the workplace.

They can be a little more philosophical than some of the other types, and can therefore find themselves seeking the meaning behind decisions and being sensitive to how such decisions may affect people, both in their immediate space, and for some, globally.

Accordingly, you can provide a person with Dolphin preferences logical rationale behind a recommendation, and even though they may understand and accept the logic, they can still resist if they feel the impact from a particular action or strategy on the wellbeing of people they care about is too great.

With such sensitivity people with Dolphin preferences tend to have a knack for diplomacy and often sense the emotional needs of others, sometimes well before the other person has recognised such needs in themselves.  

Accordingly, from a financial perspective there can be more interest in how money can be used to support the growth and development of others as opposed to how it can be used to support oneself.