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Goal Setting and Monkey types

Monkey types tend to prefer short-term, activity oriented goals.

Your Monkey will want you to act quickly on any goals you have decided upon, however, such early exuberance may wane as the reality and practicality of work required to achieve the goal is realised.

Creating priorities will help you refine your focus to what you really want to achieve. Coming back to these priorities will increase your effectiveness, and in time, sense of achievement.

In saying this, it’s important you trust and use your instinct. Your curious mind prefers this approach than selecting a goal which is to be committed to for the long haul, as the idea of not being able to change a goal can leave you resistant to setting any goals at all.

Don’t be afraid of reviewing and changing your goals from time to time, but avoid changing them up every day as this will result in inadequate consistency to achieve your goals anyway.

When reviewing your goals, check whether they, and the associated activity to achieve these goals, has become so processed that you have lost your sense of adventure and spontaneity.

Through this process you can refine your activity and ensure your needs of tactics, freedom and opportunism continues to be met, while keeping in mind the consistency often required to meet longer term objectives.