Your Money Personality

Using personality differences to everybody's benefit

Owl and Labrador

With the Owl’s vision and the Labrador’s ability to create stability and follow through, this duo can work together with much effectiveness and success.

The Owl is usually at their best when designing new strategy based on insights and reporting generated by the Labrador who tends to have a gift for assessing efficiency and effectiveness of existing strategy.

In a cyclical way, the Owl can then explore new possibilities and report back to the Labrador to check in on practicalities.  

The Labrador can therefore benefit from the Owl’s vision and the Owl benefits from the practical application and stability of the Labrador.

It is often best for the Labrador to be given the required space and time to implement plans, and to ensure that each element plays its part in the logistics of the strategy.

The Owl can inadvertently interrupt such execution as they continue to play with new ideas all the way through execution, which can lead to stress for both types.