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Dolphin and Labrador

The beauty of this relationship is the interesting combination between idealistic visionary and traditional doer. Getting this pair in harmony can be challenging, but once there, this can be a powerful partnership.

The Dolphin is likely to enjoy exploring ideas as to how to make the world a better place tomorrow. While the Labrador can explore such ideas too, is typically more oriented to what makes the world a great place today.

The Labradors value of what’s tried and tested, and what works now, minimises the likely waste from “throwing the baby out with the bath water”, one of the risks of the curious and idealistic Dolphin.

Accordingly, the Labrador has the gift to keep the Dolphin grounded, while the Dolphin can develop possibilities the Labrador may have never considered.

In this sense, the Dolphin can stretch the Labrador to take on projects or activities that may be a bit outside the Labrador’s comfort zone, enabling them to discover more about their capabilities than they may have otherwise discovered.