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Goal Setting and Labrador types

The goal setting preference for Labrador’s is to use short-term measurable goals.

Your Labrador will want you to work steadily and surely toward the achievement of what are typically traditional goals, such as paying down the mortgage, building a property portfolio or salary sacrificing extra to superannuation.

You will be able to set longer term goals, however, these are likely to be a logical extension of short term goals, using spreadsheets to continue a trend to say five years. The focus of such goals is likely to continue to provide stability, certainty and security to yourself and your family.

When setting goals in this way, you may hold yourself back from being open to new opportunities, and therefore may benefit from remaining open to encouragement from others to make your goals more ambitious.

Through this process you can challenge what you think is possible, without foregoing your needs of being realistic, practical and measured.