Your Money Personality

Using personality differences to everybody's benefit

Monkey and Labrador

The Monkey has a desire to be free to act in the moment, and to do things their way. While Labradors typically value tradition, and doing things in the tried and tested way as long as they are working well.

Accordingly, it is this duo that is possibly most challenged because of what appears to be extreme differences.

The saviour though is that both Monkey and Labrador are activity focused, and can benefit from looking at what is practical, what needs to be, and could be done, in the short term.

With this foundation, the Monkey can introduce and discuss tactical opportunities, focusing on the practical actions to be considered.

The Labrador is able to compare and contrast such new ideas against what has been used before, thereby creating a valuable check point.

As a result, new tactical plans can be thought out from solid foundations, typically leading to preferable outcomes.

More often than not, a Monkey will move a Labrador much faster than they would usually move themselves, while a Labrador can help Monkey types become more efficient, effective and focused if they are willing to embrace the guidance provided.