Your Money Personality

Using personality differences to everybody's benefit

Owl and Dolphin

Owls tend to seek logical reason behind decisions whereas Dolphins tend to look first for meaning and emotively based purpose.  

Accordingly, the Owl is well suited to innovating, analysing and assessing how a decision or strategy can be implemented and the likely outcomes. The Dolphin is likely to be sensitive to how outcomes may impact people.

If it is deemed the “people” cost of a particular strategy will be high, the Dolphin can share this feeling with the Owl, and then together review the strategy and decide if another way is worth considering.

It’s worth noting that when these two types get together there is a risk of many possibilities being generated. Therefore refining the bigger picture possibilities down to shorter term, practical actions can help.

It can also be of value to use the common ground of possibility, innovation and exploration whenever there is a communication blockage or sense of disconnection between two people of these types.