Your Money Personality

Money personality


For 50 years and more there has been a significant amount of research into people’s psychological preferences and how these differ from person to person.

For practicality it is beneficial to develop categories and descriptions of broad personality groupings at some level. From these groupings we can then individually reflect to what extent the descriptions of different personality types fit one self. It’s important to remember there is no “one shoe that fits all” when it comes to individuality.

As highlighted in the module overview, we use four groupings for the different Money Personality types.

These groupings are based on work from researchers such as Carl Jung and are similar to those used in Personality Plus, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Kiersey Temperament Sorter and others.

When reviewing the Money Personality profiles remember this is not a pigeonholing exercise. We are looking to identify possible preferences which may indicate the way you prefer to manage your money.

Before we get into the money personality descriptions, it is worth considering what makes for an optimal money personality.