Your Money Personality

The four money personalities


The Adaptables

People with Monkey preferences tend to desire freedom and action. They like short term tactics and move from interacting with one part of their environment to the next with ease.

Monkeys like to be free to make a decision and then change their mind, and therefore are able to quickly abandon an existing financial plan for a new opportunity. This makes them very flexible in the way they prefer to manage their money.

People with Monkey preferences tend to be adventurous, and may prefer to lose money rather than miss out on an opportunity to make it. The action to go after the opportunity is often as attractive as the money making (or losing) itself.

Without freedom to change tact, or move from one idea to the next, people with Monkey preferences can feel restrained and in extreme cases, feel high levels of stress. For example, a structured long term financial plan with limited flexibility could be challenging to people with Monkey preferences.