Your Money Personality

The four money personalities


Those with Monkey orientations benefit from balancing the freedom to look to short term tactical opportunities along with the typically less desired, but often very beneficial, medium to long term planning. With this balance in place Monkeys can be very powerful wealth creators.

When it comes to communicating, Monkey types usually come across as playful, affable and fun loving. Seriousness is not a natural state for these types, however, it’s important not to assume this is always the case.

When under stress, Monkey types can feel it heavily and provided measured and stable support can be of great value.

Richard Branson is one of the most famous and financially wealthy people who displays Monkey preferences. He is active, tactical and tends to be impactful, not that all Monkey types are this way inclined.

Branson’s wealth creation tends to draw upon taking action in industries already established, in a tactical and opportunistic way.