Building Your Team

Getting clear on what you want

Further to this, he wasn’t caught up in analysing how he was going to get his fire engine – he just decided what he wanted, and told his team. Do you think he got the fire engine? Of course he did.

The reason so many people don’t get what they want is because they only decide on what they don’t want.

Before you can focus clearly, communicate effectively, and build and lead your team, you must decide what you do want, and find out what the others in your team want. In saying this, it is OK to change your mind, just be sure to update your team.

Sometimes getting clear on what you want can be a process where you experience elements of what you don’t want along the way.

To help with the process of getting clear, what you truly want is likely to bring you emotions of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and eagerness. These emotions are evoked internally when you are on target. They are not the temporary states of emotion that may arise when you win lotto, or something similar.