Insurance Planning

Total and permanent disability insurance

Definitions of disability

  • A “general/all duties” definition. Importantly, to claim on this definition, you will need to be assessed by the insurer, after consideration of medical evidence, the period of disablement (usually at least three to six months) and ongoing supervision by a Medical Practitioner (and have undergone all reasonable and usual treatment including rehabilitation), having suffered one of the following as a result of sickness or injury:
    • The total and permanent loss of use of two limbs; loss of use of one limb and loss of sight in one eye; or loss of sight; or,
    • A loss of independent existence:
      • Permanent and irreversible inability to perform, without assistance, any two of the activities of daily living namely bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, continence and feeding; or
      • Significant cognitive impairment namely a deterioration or loss of intellectual capacity that results in a requirement for a full-time permanent caregiver.