What’s Your Money Personality?

Written and accurate as at: 23 October 2009

“70% of people experience conflict around money; perhaps the other 30% just don’t talk about it”

This is an amazing statistic given most of us are on the same page about WHAT we are attempting to achieve…

  • Couples are typically looking to achieve a sense of security and confidence about their personal finances.
  • Business partners are attempting to achieve what they think will bring growth and stability to their businesses.
  • Parents are interested in helping their children be well educated and make wise decisions with their money.

So if we typically want to achieve the same or similar things, why do we experience conflict?

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung held the view that conflict is seldom based on what we are trying to achieve, but is an outcome of disagreements on “what is the best way to achieve what we want?”.

Interestingly, when it comes to money, there are so many ways to provide financial security and stability for oneself and others, let alone financial freedom. Related to this, there are so many ways to build a rewarding and enriching career or business, and there are so many ways that our children can carve out a financially and emotionally rewarding life.

Your Money Personality provides insights into the best way for you to achieve what you want, and challenges the notion that there is a “best way for everyone”.

For example, some of us feel most comfortable and suited to working in a job where we understand our role and responsibilities. Where we can use our income to fund the lifestyle we choose, and hopefully have a little bit of surplus cashflow to bolster our superannuation funds, buy investment properties, and/or build up our share portfolios.

Then there are some of us that feel more aligned to buying a franchise and diligently executing the tried and tested systems. Others just know they were born to build the franchise as opposed to buying it.

These are just a few examples of how different people prefer to pursue their financial and lifestyle goals in different ways.

Your preferred “how” you choose to achieve your goals is as important to understand as the “what” it is that you are looking to achieve. Matching the “how” to your preferences is essential in gaining a sense of engagement when on your way to the “what”. Remember the old adage, life’s a journey, not a destination.

Your Money Personality indicates what your money preferences are. They are not wrong, just as another’s preferences aren’t wrong. The trick is to accept the diversity of preferences and use any diversity to your advantage.

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