Your Money Personality

Using money personality

Budgets and goals

While there are common goal setting techniques that can benefit everyone, goal setting does tend to work a little differently for each Money Personality type.

Goal Setting and Dolphin types

The goal setting preference for Dolphin’s is to use multiple long-term goals, backed by purpose.

Due to this, goals can be particularly broad and big picture, which can certainly encourage excitement, but may lack the practical short term objectives needed to bring a goal to reality.

It can therefore be useful to stop on a regular basis to assess your day to day activity to ensure it is continuing to be aligned with the achievement of longer term ambitions.

It’s important to align these longer term ambitions with those things you value, which often relate to harmony, family, people, self-awareness and personal growth.

Through this process you can continue to refine your activity and ensure your physical and material needs are being supported without foregoing your philosophical needs.