Cashflow and Compounding

What is cashflow and where does it come from?

Cashflow from employment

This is perhaps the source of cashflow that most people are very dependent upon for much of their life.

In order to be effective in sourcing cashflow from employment, you need to have a skill, trade or expertise to provide. You provide your time, with your skill, in return for income.

In other words, a skill set which, when provided with your time, is a saleable package in today’s employment market.

Interestingly, many people rebel against the need for re-training once they have acquired their chosen skill.

These people may be forced to make a change in due course as nothing stays still – the only constant in this world is change!

Your skill set needs development for it to continue to be sought and valued by the marketplace, and investing in yourself in this way can provide valuable returns, even if it means training in something new.