Self-managed Super Funds

Features of an SMSF

Some of the features as to why you might establish a SMSF include:

  • You have control over the fund’s assets, including making investment decisions within the fund.
  • Having an SMSF gives you a wider range of investment options, such as direct shares and certain business property options (including limited recourse borrowings).
  • The fund may allow you to better manage tax, for example, offsetting contributions tax with franking credits from shares or timing the sale of shares with capital gains. 
  • In some cases, SMSF with higher balances may be cheaper to run than using a retail or other type of super fund.
  • An SMSF can be used to assist with your estate planning objectives.
  • An SMSF can be used as a vehicle to accumulate super benefits or pay an income in retirement and can continue for future generations by including children within the fund.