Self-Managed Super Funds

The Costs of running an SMSF

What are the costs?

The fixed costs (i.e. charged regardless of fund size) of running an SMSF include set up costs and annual fees for: 

  • Accounting services – including preparing the SMSF annual financial statements and income tax return;
  • Auditing – actuarial certificates;
  • Annual supervisory levy payable to the ATO, which is currently $518 for a newly registered fund and $259 per year on an ongoing basis for existing/continuing funds; and
  • Legal fees – establishing and amending trust deeds or other documentation from time to time.

In addition, an SMSF will incur variable fees for:

  • The purchase, sale and maintenance of investments;
  • Advice fees from service providers and advisers;
  • Costs of providing insurance for members; and
  • Fees when engaging providers to assist with administering the fund.