Aged Care

Carer Payment


When it comes to the payment rate for the Carer Payment, this will often depend on your family situation, namely, whether you are single, a couple, or a couple (separated by illness).



Rates applicable as at 20 March 2024*

Pension Payment Rates (per fortnight)

Family situation Maximum basic rate  Maximum Pension Supplement Energy Supplement  TOTAL 
Single $1,020.60 $81.60 $14.10 $1,116.30
Couple (each) $769.30 $61.50 $10.60 $841.40
Couple (combined)  $1,538.60 $123.00  $21.20 $1,682.80
Couple separated by illness (each) $1,020.60 $81.60  $14.10 $1,116.30

*The Carer Payment rates change on 20 March and 20 September each year.


The Carer Payment is not classed as taxable income where both the carer and the individual receiving care are under Age Pension age. Upon reaching Age Pension age, and still providing care, the carer may choose to receive either the Carer Payment or Age Pension.