Aged Care

Home Care Package


The Government pays a subsidy for the Home Care Package to your relevant aged care service provider; the subsidy helps contribute to the total cost of your aged care services.

The subsidy amount paid to your aged care service provider will depend on the level of care you require; however you will find that your contribution will be limited to the following a basic daily care fee, an income tested care fee and fees for additional care or services not covered by your Home Care Package:

  • A basic daily care fee, which is set at a percentage of the single person rate of the Age Pension. This fee varies depending on your Home Care Package level. Please note: This fee applies to each individual receiving a Home Care Package, regardless of whether you are a member of a couple or not.

From 20 March 2024, the basic daily care fee is:

Fee Rate
Maximum Basic Daily Fee
Home Care – Level 1 package $11.43
Home Care – Level 2 package $12.08
Home Care – Level 3 package $12.42

Home Care – Level 4 package