Aged Care

Residential Aged Care

Important Questions

How long can I stay?
Upon entering an aged care facility, you can normally continue to stay as long as the aged care service provider is able to meet your specific care and accommodation needs.

However, in some instances the aged care service provider may ask you to leave the residential aged care facility. For example, in the event of:

  • The facility is closing
  • The facility is no longer able to provide you with the care and accommodation that you require, or alternatively you no longer need the accommodation and care
  • You are 42 days behind on the payment of your relevant fees (after the date in which they fell due), for reasons that were within your control
  • You intentionally damage the residential aged care facility or seriously injure a fellow resident or employee.

If you are required to move, then you should be given 14 days’ notice in writing. Furthermore, the aged care service provider will help you to find an alternative place of residence that can meet your accommodation and care needs.