Aged Care

Home Care Package

Home Care Agreement

  • Clarify with your aged care service provider the costs involved in the delivery of services.
  • Work in partnership with your aged care service provider to construct a care plan that is tailored to specifically meet your needs.
  • Review the contents of your Home Care Agreement with a family member and/or friend as well as seek professional advice.
  • If you are happy with the Home Care Agreement, then sign the legal document and commence the receipt of your aged care services.

Please note: Upon entering into a Home Care Agreement, your aged care service provider is obligated to continue the delivery of your Home Care Package for as long as you require the services. However, you do have the authority to end your Home Care Agreement; the steps required to do so will be enclosed in your Home Care Agreement.

It is important to seek professional advice to understand both the contents and implications of signing any legal document.